Dust Monitors

Sigrist dust monitors have been applied for over 30 years for measuring dust concentration in production processes or in the ambient air to ensure good working conditions and minimize air pollution.

The Sigrist StackGuard continuous emissions monitor for particulate matter (PM CEMS) is an extractive type instrument that can measure extremely low particulate on both wet and dry exhaust stacks.

The Sigrist VisGuard is used in the workplace to monitor dust concentration. It is also widely applied in road and train tunnels as a visibility monitor or as an early warning of fire.


  • Continuous Monitoring of Particulate Matter in exhaust stacks at hazardous waste incinerators, cement kilns, municipal waste incinerators and power plants. Conformance to USEPA, PS11.
  • Dust concentration in the work place.
  • Oil mist detection in machinery space.
  • Visibility monitoring and dust concentration in road and train tunnels.
  • Early fire warning in tunnels.