Water Treatment

Continuous monitoring of important sum parameters such as turbidity, DOC levels, colour and oil concentration guarantees that impurities in raw water or flaws in the treatment process will be detected immediately, thus ensuring that only water of impeccable quality is supplied to consumers.

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  1. Drinking Water Treatment Applications
  2. Waste Water Treatment


To optimize process control and quality management, an increasing amount of information is necessary concerning turbidity, colour or concentration.  Peak Process controls is your established supplier of Sigrist measurement technology and also offers this expertise to the measurement of oil traces.

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  1. Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Crude Oil Production
  3. Ship Industry
  4. Petrochemical Industry / Refinery
  5. Fishing Industry
  6. Food Industry
  7. Machine and Metal Industry
  8. Power Plants
  9. Pulp / Paper Industry
  10. Sugar Industry


Emission Monitoring

Canada and the United States have set limits on the levels of particulate matter emitted by combustion processes in power plants, refuse incinerators or heating plants.  A monitoring of the dust concentration can also be useful or necessary in production areas and systems.

  • Continuous Monitoring of Particulate Matter in exhaust stacks at hazardous waste incinerators, cement kilns, municipal waste incinerators and power plants. Conformance to USE
    PA, PS11.
  • Dust concentration in the work place.
  • Oil mist detection in machinery space.
  • Turbidity in Process Water / Waste Water
  • DOC (UV Absorption) In Raw Water

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Tunnel and Traffic Monitoring

The SIGRIST visibility measurement in road, railways and Metro tunnels ensures a reliable and energy-efficient ventilation control.  In case of a fire incident, the first minutes are most crucial; an early and reliable smoke detection allows initiating the safety and rescuing scenario.  

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  1.  Road Tunnel
  2.  Railway / Metro



The SIGRIST turbidity and colour instruments are successfully used in the beer, spirits, fruit, juice, milk, wine and mineral water industries.  The measurement of turbidity in the beverage industry and specifically the monitoring of filtration in the beverage process if firmly connected with the name SIGRIST.

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  1.  Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Industry
  2.  Dairy Industry
  3.  Brewing Industry
  4.  Spirits Industry
  5.  Wine Industry